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Alexander Schuetzle schuetzl at hermes.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Aug 2 06:05:41 EST 1994

	Hi all,

	I have some questions about biological databases. 

	1. I'm searching for names and short description of the 
	   contence of main databases in the biology, especially 
	   in the genome research.

	     name:     GDB (Genome Data Base)
	     contence: Human gene mapping data organized by map location.
	     status:    Schema and data ... public available. 
	     location:  Source from John Hopkins University.
	                ftp ...
	                Also supportet by several national organisations
	                like the German Cancer Resaearch Center within
	                the EMBNET.
	    queriing:  Working with stored procedures
	    datamodel: Relational
	    database:  Sybase
	    remarks:   There is a connection to OMIM (Online version of
	               Mendelian Inheritance in Man; catalog of genes 
	               and genetic disorders) via a MIM number. ...

	2. Or for the hints to sources or persons where I can get more 
	   information about this topic.

	Thank you for your kind cooperation

	Alexander Schuetzle


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