Sequence Alignment and Primer Design Softwares?

Chris Zarow zarow at molbio.usc.edu
Fri Apr 29 19:58:28 EST 1994

I am seeking recommendations for some software programs. 

1.   A sequence alignment program for cDNAs.   The sequence alignment program
should be able to align several sequences at once, and report on both 
homologous and non-homologous regions across sequences.  

2.   A primer-design program able to adhere to criteria for Tm, %GC, 
lack of primer-dimers, lack of hairpin loops, etc.

I welcome suggestions for programs available on the Internet, 
shareware programs, public domain programs, or reasonably priced 
commercial programs.

Chris Zarow, Ph.D
University of Southern California
Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
zarow at molbio.usc.edu

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