Announce: A new WWW interface for Molecular Sequence Searching

Dan Jacobson danj at dev.gdb.org
Thu Apr 28 17:52:20 EST 1994

There is now a World Wide Web front end to the GenQuest (Q) server - an
integrated sequence comparison server. The purpose of the system is to
allow rapid and sensitive comparison of DNA and protein sequence to existing 
DNA and protein sequence databases and the rapid retrieval of the full 
database entries of any sequence found in the course of a search. 

The databases which can be accessed from the Q server include: 

   The Genome Sequence Database (GSDB) - a daily updated DNA sequence 
            database maintained at The Los Alamos National Laboratory; 
   Swissprot - a protein sequence database; 
   Prosite - a library of protein motifs; and 
   PDB - Protein Databank sequences of proteins with solved structures. 

The programs available to do the search include Smith-Waterman, Blast 
and Fasta.

This WWW interface is running from the The Johns Hopkins University 
BioInformatics Web Server while the searches use a specialized parallel 
computing environment at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

You can access this service from the Home page of the Hopkins BioInformatics
Web server the URL for which is:


To use this interface you'll need to have a WWW client with 'forms support',
some of which are:

   NCSA Mosaic for X-Windows, version 2.0 or higher 
   Lynx - for Unix and VMS 
   NCSA Mosaic for the PC (Microsoft Windows) version 2.0-alpha-2 or higher.
            The PC client is still a bit buggy - it may have problems with 
            the formats of results from searches. 

It is rumored that a new release of NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh (which will 
have forms support) will be available in the not too distant future. 

Hope you find this useful,

Dan Jacobson

danj at gdb.org

Johns Hopkins University

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