PC as a biology teaching aid?

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Wed Apr 27 14:22:51 EST 1994

In article <Coq132.A49 at watserv2.uwaterloo.ca>, jjwhyte at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca (Jeff Whyte) writes:
> 	I'm interested in the use of software applications that are
> designed to teach principles and definitions in the fields of biology,
> chemistry or biochemistry.  I have tried to use Archie to find shareware of
> this nature, but I am also interested in hearing about other software
> applications that are not shareware. 
> 	If anyone knows of or has used an application for this purpose, I
> would be glad to hear about it.  Suggestions on applications covering
> basic to advanced topics are welcome.  
> 	Please e-mail any responses.  Any help that is given will be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> jjwhyte at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca

HHHmmmmm for science based computer teaching aids there area number of
ways to go. Contact some large distribution companies and ask them for a list
of acedemic tools. Hypercell is a great teaching aid for the college level
and younger student. Not only does it give definitions but it also shows
mechanisms via a cartoon/graphic screen. You might also want to check
on many of the CD rom systems....new disks are being produced every few weeks
and they have volumns now which illustrate zoology and many ecological

steve mezik
meziks at hartwick.edu

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