Networking Help Request - MD Phospherimager

Robert Hooper robert at biochem.dental.upenn.edu
Thu Apr 28 11:14:28 EST 1994

In article <3388.2dbba83d at mbcl.rutgers.edu>, harrison at mbcl.rutgers.edu writes:
|> 	Hello,
|> 	I'm am trying to get a Molecular Dynamics Phospherimager on 
|> 	the net.  I have a NE200 Ethernet Adaptor, LocalTalk and 
|> 	the necessary HW and IP address.  If anyone has had sucess
|> 	doing this, could you please tell me what packet driver,
|> 	comm SW you used?  The protocol would be appreciated too.
|> 		Thanks,
|> 		Rhonda Harrion  (rhonda at buenga.bu.edu)

   I had a lote of trouble with a Molecular Dynamics Densitomiter, I finally
got it to work over TCPIP using LAN Workplace 4.0 (I should upgrade this to 4.1)
I used Novell's NE2000 ODI Driver that came with LAN Workplace. I could only get it
to work using an interupt of 2 and Port 300. Windows complains about using
interrupt 2 but seems to work fine.
               Hope this helps,
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