E-mail address of Cambridge Crys. Data Centre

Clyde Ulmer culmer at ntet.nctr.fda.gov
Wed Apr 27 13:13:29 EST 1994


     I have recently tried to e-mail the developers of the QUEST/QUEST3D 
software for the Cambridge Structural Database.  The address in the Oct. 1992 
CSD System Doc I have -- software at uk.ac.cam.chemcrys -- bounced.  I would 
appreciate it if anyone could supply me with a valid address.

     Alternatively, what I was wanting to query the developers about was 
advice on Tektronix 4100 (or higher) terminal emulators for a PC, to use in 
acessing the CSD.  If anyone knows of a source for such software -- commercial 
or otherwise -- I would greatly appreciate hearing about that.

  Clyde Ulmer

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