ANNOUNCEMENT : TREECON 3.0 for comfortable phylogeny !

Stefan Rensing rensing at sun1.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Apr 27 03:18:02 EST 1994

To everyone who is concerned with construction of phylogenetic trees.

I'm doing this announcement as 'beta-tester' of TREECON.
TREECON was developed by Yves Van de Peer, University of Antwerp.

TREECON 3.0 is a program package for the construction of phylogenetic
trees. Its advantages are :
- Completely menu-driven, easy-to-use interface
- Quick
- Handling of large datasets (due to dynamic memory allocation)
- Large set of distance-measure methods and distance-matrix based
  tree construction tools
- Sophisticated options like subset resampling and test of outgroup influence
- Included draw program which produces postscript and/or text files
  (HPGL files in the next version) and allows to draw clusters as triangles
- Additional tools like production of partial alignments and indication
  of informative positions

A disadvantage is that no parsimony or maximum likelihood methods are
to be run with TREECON.

System requirements :
TREECON is written in C. The current version runs on PC under DOS.
A Windows version is in development.
You need a PC 386 or 486 with VGA card and screen. Coprocessor is recommended.

Availability :
You can get the latest version from the author, Yves Van de Peer,
e-mail : yvdp at reks.uia.ac.be
You may also download the files by anonymous ftp from : uiam3.uia.ac.be
(but please register your copy !).

Citation :
TREECON was published in CABIOS 9:177-182 (1993)

            - Stefan Rensing

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