GenPept release 82 WAIS source

Dr Tan Tin Wee bchtantw at leonis.nus.sg
Tue Apr 26 20:54:34 EST 1994

GenPept Release 82 is now available as a WAIS source.
This release was derived from the NCBI GenPept in the
former IG Genbank format by Mark Gunnell.
It is waisindexed using Don Gilbert's w8b5.


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DATABASE NAME: genpept82.src
GenPept (R) database Release 82.0 (April 1994)

GenPept(R) (GenBank Gene Products database) is a database of translated
sequences from GenBank (R), the nucleotide sequence database from the 
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Bethesda, MA.  

The GenPept database comes in a number of formats, including an unofficial 
format provided by Mark A. Gunnell, Biomedical Super Computer Center,
PRI/DynCorp, NCI-FCRDC (gunnell at ncifcrf.gov) which is similar to that 
formerly distributed by GenBank(R) under the administration of 
Intelligenetics Inc.  

This WAIS database is made from the GenPept release (which IS _NOT_ AN OFFICIAL
RELEASE FROM THE NCBI-GENBANK) produced by Mark Gunnell. Rel. Date: 15-Apr-1994

GenPept (R) and GenBank (R) are registered trademarks of the U.S. Department of 
Health and Human Services for the GenBank Gene Products and the GenBank Genetic
Sequence Data Banks.

The version of GenPept used in this waisindex is *NOT* an official release 
from NCBI, and no representation or warranties regarding the content or 
accuracy of the information. The maintainers of this waisindex make no
representation or warranties of mechantability or fitness for a 
particular purpose and accept no responsibility for any consequences of the
receipt or use of the information. 

For more information about this waisindex, please contact
Dr Tan Tin Wee, Biocomputing Research and User Support (BRUS)
Dept of Biochemistry, National University of Singapore at 
bchtantw at leonis.nus.sg.

This waisindex uses the modification of Wais8b5 by Don Gilbert of IUBio 
Archive, Indiana University.
It is also available via gopher and web at 
respectively (please navigate to the appropriate options).

The files of type genbank used in the index were:

The files of type genbank used in the index were:

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