Image analysis system for bacterial counting

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Wed Apr 27 05:22:46 EST 1994

ronkko at fi.helsinki.cc wrote:
: Researchers at our department are looking for an image analysis system       
: suitable for counting of bacteria from light microscope. Are there any       
: dedicated systems for this task which would not cost a fortune? So far       
: we have tested a general purpose analysis program named "Global Lab          
: Image" and a videocard from a company named Data Translations, but the       
: software seems not to be very suitable for bacterial counting (it            
: should be e.g. able to handle clumped bacteria etc. more or less             
: automatically, and hopefully without need of C-language programming!).       
: Any help and experiences conserning different systems would be most wellcome! 

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:   Reijo Ronkko     University of Helsinki, Dept. of General Microbiology,
:   Ph. Lic.         P.O.Box 41, FIN-00014 Helsingin yliopisto, Finland
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I'm in unfamiliar territory here but I think it can be done with NIH-Image.
NIH-Image is public domain and only runs on a Mac but you can read the 
output with a PC and it will take PC TIFF files.

I think the principle is to use the find edges command and then count or
something.  The program comes with macros for particle counting etc.
It might be worth pulling the software by anonymous ftp and just trying
it on someones Mac.  You will probably need the manual.

To ftp:


Directory:  /pub/nih-image/

Files:  nih-image154_fpu.hqx

Not promising anything ...

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