Null Model Software

Tim C. Lamey tclamey at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Apr 26 14:13:19 EST 1994


We are developing a proposal to produce a package of null model software
designed for use on personal computers.  Consequently, we are interested
in knowing of any null model programs that are currently available (either
commercially or privately) in order to identify those areas where there is
a particular shortage of available programs and to document the need for
null model software. 

We envisage that the package will include modules dealing with measures of
species diversity and abundance, species-area relationships, measures of
co-occurrence, niche overlap (both in resources and time), incidence
functions, nestedness, and a variety of biogeographic models. 

If you are aware of any software that is available or have suggestions or 
comments to make about the project please contact us directly (by e-mail)

   Nick Gotelli  ngotelli at moose.uvm.edu 
   Neil Buckley  nbuckley at moose.uvm.edu 
   Tim Lamey      tclamey at cc.umanitoba.ca 

Nicholas J. Gotelli & Neil J. Buckley	Timothy C. Lamey
Department of Zoology			Department of Zoology
University of Vermont			University of Manitoba
Burlington, VT 05405			Winnipeg, MB 

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