Plasmid construction simulation.

Ron Caspi rcaspi at ucsd.edu
Mon Apr 25 18:31:48 EST 1994

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>Subject: Re: Plasmid construction simulation.
>Date: 18 Apr 94 19:41:16 GMT

>hosun at ALLIANT.SNU.AC.KR wrote:
>: Hello, Netters.

>: Is there any one heard of the program manuplate plasmid sequence?

>: I want to make a program simulate plasmid manuplation. 
>: display restriction fragments and plasmid map.
>: make result plasmid sequence. and so on..

>: like Restriction with EcoRI and elute small fragmet.
>:      and then Blunting with Klenow fragment of DNA Pol.
>:      and ligating with SmaI digested vector.
>: then what result is expected?
>: Is this stratagy valid?

>: any advice is welcome.
>: thanx in advance.
>: Son Hosun
>: Mol. Bio.
>: Seoul National Univ.
>: hosun at alliant.snu.ac.kr

>Yes, that is a very useful program.  It has already been written for the
>Macintosh computers (Gene Construction Kit by Textco Incorporated) but
>I have not yet seen it for IBM or UNIX.

>Most plasmid programs only draw maps, they do not also carry along the
>sequence.  The GCK is the only one to my knowledge that does both.

>  (SIG)

If you're working in the Windows environment, There is a program that does all 
this. It is called Gene Runner, and is sold by Hastings Software, Inc. POBox 
567 Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706. Tel (800)834-8574, Fax (914)376-4433.
It is very powerful, and a demo is available. Only pitfall is the price: $399 
is their  academia discounted price (!)
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