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Thu Apr 21 04:37:53 EST 1994

In article <olam-200494153011 at> Ola Myklebost,
olam at radium.uio.no writes:
>> Hi!  
>> Does anyone out there use a Molecular Dynamics Phosphorimager or a
>> Fluorimager 575?  Do you use it on a Macintosh based system?  If so,
>> is the software that comes with it actually NIH-Image?
>I saw the program, and it is definitely NIH-Image, but the version I saw
>was much older than the NIH Image available publicly. The program is
>supposed to be modified so that it more easily accepts MD TIFF files.
>Withou it you must read the TIFF header size,length & width in the scan
>info window in ImageQuant, and import into Image after having reentered
>info there. 

We use a (PC-based) PhosphorImager here, alongside a Macintosh network.
MD-Image is an old-ish version of NIH-Image altered so that it can read
the proprietary MD "*.gel" files (you don't need to translate into TIFF
files). Unfortunately, it is also doctored so that MD-Image can't
"corrupt" the .gel files - and MD seem to think that _saving_ files
manipulated in MD-Image is a corruption! Well, yes, I can see their
logic, can't you?

The (MD) argument for using thier "ImageQuant" software (supplied with
the PhosphorImager (PI), as put to me by their rep, is that it uses thier
own more precise (16 bit) data (".gel") format - the exported image is an
8 bit TIFF image.

BTW MD are now marketing a new programme for use on Mac's called IPLab
Gel. They commisioned it from a software house (sorry, can't put my hands
on the name right now - but it's being advertised in the science press).
MD quoted us a price about 50 percent higher than the original author's -
the MD rep tells me that the MD version is not exactly the same (but he
couldn't tell me what was different) and suggested that the higher price
reflected the cost of support.

Ian Frame
Wellcome / CRC Institute and Department of Genetics
University of Cambridge, UK
if at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk

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