DNA Seqeunce Voice Data Entry

Anthony Berno aberno at genome.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 21 16:01:11 EST 1994

In article <01HBFQEOP6WI00019F at INET.D48.LILLY.COM>,

> Is there a program for a MACINTOSH computer which allows you to enter DNA
> sequence data using voice recognition? 

I don't know of any software allowing this, but you could rig up a solution
using the Alpha shareware editor and an AV Macintosh. Alpha allows you to
create new menu items and bind them to TCL scripts, and the AV Macs have
voice recognition for menu items built in. So, you could sit there saying
"A,C,G,T," etc. and it would theoretically execute the corresponding
scripts, entering the desired sequence into a document.

You can find Alpha on most major Mac FTP sites.


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