Marcel TURCOTTE turcotte at BCH.UMontreal.CA
Wed Apr 20 11:13:47 EST 1994

Dear colleagues,

          I'm looking for a piece of software to translate PIR rel 39
PIR/CODATA format to NBRF format.  I've tried using `readseq', but I
couldn't get the entire translation, on part 1 and 3, I can get about
half of the file, but on part 2, I can't get anything, I'm running
readseq on an SGI Super Challenge 8CPUS/256MByte RAM.  Here is the
sizes of the various parts (in bytes):

 28510670 pir1.dat
 56849991 pir2.dat
 30378465 pir3.dat

Marcel TURCOTTE - Universite de Montreal
P.S.: Of course I could use `split', but I would prefer less

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