Where do the makers of GM live?

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at gengenp.rug.ac.be
Wed Apr 20 11:09:50 EST 1994

Some weeks ago I ftp'd GM. Now I would like to contact the makers of the 
According to the (old) readme file:

>Copyright (c) Computing Research Laboratoy, New Mexico State 
>University, Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001, USA.64
> gm takes as input a file of parameters, and outputs a set of candidate 
> exon maps. The gm program may be run on a text terminal.  The gmwin 
> program runs under X-windows: it runs gm and displays the output 
> graphically.  The menu program provides a set of auxiliary routines.
> Cari Soderlund: gm and menu software
> Pari Shanmugan: gmwin software
> Ted Slater    : Help files
> Owen White,  Cari Soderlund, and Chris Fields: compositional matrices
> Chris Fields and Cari Soderlund: functional specification
> C.Soderlund, P.Shanmugam, O.White, C.Fields, "A tool for
> exploratory analysis of DNA sequence data", Proceedings of the Hawii
> International Conference on System Sciences, Biotechnology Computing
> Minitrack, January 7-10, 1992.

further tis readme says: 
>If you are working on an organism that has different characteristics then
>human, worm, fly, or plants, please send mail to
>    cari at nmsu.edu
>and we will create the necessary matrices for you.

But: email to cari at nmsu.edu bounces.
I looked in the bionet addresses list and found no match.
The postmaster at nmsu.edu forwarded my message to ted at crl.nmsu.edu who did 
not respond
I gopher'd to nmsu.edu, and in their phonebook there is no C.Soderlund, 
P.Shanmugam, O.White, or C.Fields
If any of these people is listening, or if someone knows where they work now,
please let me know.

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