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Andrew Cockburn afc at gnv.ifas.ufl.edu
Tue Apr 19 10:27:54 EST 1994

In article <jmack-180494203913 at jmack.pipeline.com>, jmack at pipeline.com (John Mack) writes:
> In article <aberno-180494142608 at lyapunov.stanford.edu>,
> aberno at genome.stanford.edu (Anthony Berno) wrote:
>> -Most importanly, it must be able to do lane tracking
>> with NO human intervention, EVER, and either get it
>> right, or determine by itself that it has made a
>> mistake.
> Try PDI at 516-673-3939. They have DNA gel analysis software that may do
> what you need. Talk to Paul Collins and tell hime that John Mack sent you!
> Maybe I'll get a free lunch out of him!

In the interest of fairness, Millipore (BioImage) has gel analysis
software that is comparable to PDI's.  By the way, both of these run only
on Sparcstations under Unix (or did when I bought my machine a couple of 
years ago).

I doubt that either one is capable of the sort of accuracy and checking
that you specify.  I have seen both demonstrated, and while they do a good
job, a poor gel will usually confuse them.  They also both require a human
to tell them where the top and bottom of the gel are and how many lanes there
are.  If you always ran the same gel setup, you could automate this.

Andrew Cockburn

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