Plasmid construction simulation.

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Mon Apr 18 14:41:16 EST 1994

hosun at ALLIANT.SNU.AC.KR wrote:
: Hello, Netters.

: Is there any one heard of the program manuplate plasmid sequence?

: I want to make a program simulate plasmid manuplation. 
: display restriction fragments and plasmid map.
: make result plasmid sequence. and so on..

: like Restriction with EcoRI and elute small fragmet.
:      and then Blunting with Klenow fragment of DNA Pol.
:      and ligating with SmaI digested vector.
: then what result is expected?
: Is this stratagy valid?

: any advice is welcome.
: thanx in advance.
: Son Hosun
: Mol. Bio.
: Seoul National Univ.
: hosun at alliant.snu.ac.kr

Yes, that is a very useful program.  It has already been written for the
Macintosh computers (Gene Construction Kit by Textco Incorporated) but
I have not yet seen it for IBM or UNIX.

Most plasmid programs only draw maps, they do not also carry along the
sequence.  The GCK is the only one to my knowledge that does both.

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