Has anyone gotten PAUP 3.1.1 to run under Liken on un*x?

Doug Eernisse Doug_Ee at um.cc.umich.edu
Mon Apr 18 20:35:33 EST 1994

A friend without usenet access asked me to post this, so please
cc to her at kam at t10.Lanl.GOV (Kersti MacInnes) if you post here.


I have been trying to run the Mac version of PAUP 3.1.1 on my SUN workstation
using a Macintosh emulator called Liken.  Liken requires access to SUN
Openwindows or other X window interface and creates a Macintosh desktop
window which is supposed to behave like a real Mac running system 6.0.7.
Shrink-wrapped, commercial packages apparently run fine under Liken 
(according to the advertisement - I have tried only a few).  PAUP 3.1.1 will
install and begin to run.  However, executing nearly any of the sample NEXUS 
input files (there are 2 exceptions - the 'eucalyptus' and 'vertebrates demo') 
will result in a 'system error', followed by a crash and restart of the Liken 
window.  Running PAUP 3.1.1 on a real Mac with system 6.0.7 works just fine
with the standard memory allocation of 1024K.  Does anyone have an idea why 
PAUP is causing Liken to crash?


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