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Howard Cash cash at geneva.csmil.umich.edu
Tue Apr 19 09:14:57 EST 1994

In article <aberno-180494142608 at lyapunov.stanford.edu>,
aberno at genome.stanford.edu (Anthony Berno) wrote:
> I'm currently working on an in-house replacement for ABI's
> Analysis software, which we are currently using for our
> sequencing efforts. Now that I've pretty much achieved
> our goals on the basecalling part,
> I'm moving on to the issue of lane tracking...
[stuff deleted asking for pointers to good strategies]

Then, in article <2ovko3$olj at nntp2.Stanford.EDU> cherry at stout.Stanford.EDU 
(Mike Cherry) writes:
>... Anthony is looking for non-proprietary
>software.  Please forgive me if PDI would give away their lane
>tracking code. The result of our projects will be freely available.
>J. Michael Cherry                       Internet: cherry at genome.stanford.edu
>Head, Computing                         Stanford DNA Sequence & Tech. Center
>Project Manager                         Saccharomyces Genome Database
>Stanford University School of Medicine  Stanford, CA 94305-5120

Anthony and Mike,

We are working with a few different groups on better base-calling and
analysis software for the ABI 373.  Perhaps they would be willing to 
share their experience with you.  

Germane to the parallel, rather silly discussion about file formats,
have you considered outputting your data in the Standard Chromatogram
Format [SCF] defined by Dere and Staden?  Several other manufacturers are
adopting it.  I will post the file format specification to bionet.soft-
ware.sources if you don't already have it.

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