Lane finding software

Anthony Berno aberno at genome.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 18 17:26:08 EST 1994

I'm currently working on an in-house replacement for ABI's 
Analysis software, which we are currently using for our
sequencing efforts. Now that I've pretty much achieved
our goals on the basecalling part, 
I'm moving on to the issue of lane tracking, and
am beginning with a survey of existing solutions to
see if any of them are applicable to our needs. In
particular, if I am to use someone else's strategy, 
it must have the following features:

-It must not be instrument-dependent, as we are
going to be using it for new instruments currently
under development
- It must be able to track an arbitrary number
of lanes, and
-Most importanly, it must be able to do lane tracking
with NO human intervention, EVER, and either get it
right, or determine by itself that it has made a

I've got a few leads already, but if anyone has
anything to share, I'd like to hear from you.


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