New ABI Analysis Upgrade?

Dirk Bornemeier bornemd at aa.wl.com
Mon Apr 18 17:23:51 EST 1994

In article <986 at biosys.apldbio.COM>, timb at apldbio.com (Tim Burcham) wrote:

> I am posting the following for Dawn Madden:
> -------------------
> File access policy


> For more information regarding the licensing policy of ABD, please
> contact Dawn Madden at either internet:  dawn at apldbio.com or fax:
> 415-572-2743.

Glad to know you're listening.  Now if you could just get someone to do
something about that damnable voice mail system you (ABD) run .... 
(1-800-8-6844: Far and away the worst I've ever experienced).

Dirk Bornemeier
Ann Arbor, MI

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