Software for transcription factors?

Mon Apr 18 06:28:24 EST 1994

It's difficult to predict biologicaly which transcription facator
 bind to promoter or enhancer sequence .
but consensus sequence seaech is very easy.
transcription factor binding sites database is available from
database  TFD in genbank.ncbi.nih.gov.
TFD site scan program is sigscan.

and I have made a search program and transcrioption factor database.
it's simple and useful, but it print out many false positive signal.
you must consider casefully if the result is significant.
and the database is key entered from NAR paper(NAR : Vol 20. Num 1, 1992)
it contains many known mammalian transcription factors.
and updated and modified from some paper.
send me e-mail, if you need my program poor it is.

Son Hosun
Dept. of Molecular Biology.
Seoul National University.
hosun at alliant.snu.ac.kr

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