New ABI Analysis Upgrade?

Tim Burcham timb at apldbio.com
Fri Apr 15 19:37:08 EST 1994

I am posting the following for Dawn Madden:


File access policy

There has been quite a bit of misinformation regarding the Applied
Biosystems policy on the subject of software developer's access to 373
DNA Sequencer data files.  This message is designed to help clear up
some of the misinformation.

"Applied Biosystems division (ABD) of Perkin Elmer is dedicated to
providing total solutions to DNA sequencing and genetic analysis by
providing automation and integration of reagents, hardware, and
software tools.  Fluorescence-based technologies have now expanded from
DNA sequencing to also include applications such as linkage mapping,
genotyping populations, diagnostic-status, and gene expression

ABD encourages software innovation that extends the functionality of
our systems by freely licensing to the research community software
libraries that access our sequencing and genetic analysis data files,
and supporting them in a limited fashion.  These are called our
"Developer's ToolKits".  The toolkits are also used by our own in-house
software developers as a way to rationally support faster product
development and file format changes.

The current data file format is in need of change and will be subject
to many changes in the future due to fast evolution of
fluorescence-based technologies.  It is our internal as well as
external policy to use software libraries as a modular means to support
easy adjustments to file format changes.

Academic and nonprofit groups may license the use of these "Developer's
ToolKits" free of charge and will be provided limited support.  These
people will also be notified in a timely fashion when file format
changes will occur and will also be provided with updated software
libraries.   Commercial groups will be charged a licensing fee to have
access to the "Developer's ToolKits".   These charges will be used to
offset the expense incurred due to supporting both the academic and
nonprofit community."

This policy was clearly stated at the BSMA trade association meeting
last October during the Sequencing and Mapping meeting at Hilton Head,
North Carolina.  The attending commercial developers were GeneCodes,
GCG, Intelligenetics, Hitachi, and DNAStar.

For more information regarding the licensing policy of ABD, please
contact Dawn Madden at either internet:  dawn at apldbio.com or fax:


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