protein secondary structure prediction

Mark Israel misrael at grdb.csi.uottawa.ca
Sat Apr 16 15:03:27 EST 1994

In article <9404150823.ZM1869 at model.phr.utexas.edu>, David G. Rhodes <rhodes at MODEL.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU> writes:

> ((( OK - I admit I should be better informed - I've been busy doing lipid things
> for a few years, and have not kept up as well as I probably should have with
> certain 'protein things'. )))
> I need to know the current wisdom as to the best approach to estimating protein
> secondary structure from sequence data.  The literature is littered
> (alliteration) with methods, some of which have doubtless been found, in
> retrospect (in practice), to be more effective than others.  What I seek is the
> input from those who do this on a regular basis as to what works and what
> doesn't.  Even a pointer to useful (application-oriented) reviews would help.

   I've cross-posted this to a couple of other newsgroups in the hope 
that you'll get more of a response.  Please let us know what you find 

   My guess is that most people are still using the same programs for 
secondary structure prediction as they were using *before* you got busy 
with your lipids:  the Kabsch and Sander program (e-mail
sander at copper.embl-heidelberg.de for info); and the Richards, Kundrot,
and Kahn program (e-mail perlo at hhvms8.csb.yale.edu for info).

misrael at csi.uottawa.ca			Mark Israel

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