SeqApp 1.9 and LC475 incompatibility

Bernard L. Cohen gbga13 at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Thu Apr 14 05:08:15 EST 1994

Can any SeqApp  (v. 1.9, D. Gilbert, University of Indiana) user or anyone
familiar with the LC475 comment on the following problem?

SeqApp works as expected on one LC475 (which is a 6 month-old demo model in
a local sales showroom) but crashes (Type 1 error) immediately on two other
LC475's, one of them a machine that I have just purchased on the strength
of the successful demo-model trial.

The crashes occur on the new one even when all software other than the
System are removed and regardless of memory settings, even when identical
to the demo machine.   The problem is not due to old SeqApp preference
files nor to a defective program copy.



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