IBM PC gel image analysis: Seek suggestion

wzhou at emoryu1.cc.emory.edu wzhou at emoryu1.cc.emory.edu
Fri Apr 15 09:56:21 EST 1994

I wrote a Windows Gel Image analysis program two years ago for my Ph.D. 
dissertation project.  Because many are asking for a  shareware 
version of image analysis program, I am considering releasing it, as freeware 
or shareware after some modifications).    I am seeking suggestions about 
features that should be included.  If you are writing similar programs, I will 
be glad to share source code and ideas.   If you want alpha test versions (may 
have many bugs),  please let me know.   The program can currently read BMP, 
TIFF, GIF files, do basic image analysis (such as area, density analysis, MW 
standard curve, profile plot and fast fourier transformation).   Automatic 
peak detection still does not work very well.  I have not found any use of 
FFT.  I have also put a print preview and context-sensitive help.   The old 
version was compiled with Bortland C++.  The new version will be compiled with 
Microsoft Visual C++.  I plan to relase it in June or July.

Wei Zhou
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA
wzhou at bimcore.cc.emory.edu

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