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Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Fri Apr 15 12:12:59 EST 1994

Bob Benjamin (bob.benjamin at COM.ENEST) wrote:
: Just joined the group.I teach at Bristol Commun. College and I would
: like to know what software is available for downloading, and how to find
: it. Thanks.

Hello Bob.

This might sound like a really daft question but which country are you in?
Are you a UK academic institution?  If so, you get your goodies mainly 
from the University of Lancaster.  At least that is usually the easiest
way to get it.  If you are in the above category then invoke telnet on
your local machine and try:

pdpull micros/mac/finder/index


pdpull micros/ibmpc/windows/index


pdpull micros/ibmpc/dos/index

This might work if you network administrator has set the programs up to
allow this.  Otherwise why not try contacting your local network administra-
tor.  These guys are usually dying to get people to use their systems and
are only too willing to help.

Alternatively contact your local Internet provider.  Again, any hairbrained
Net addict will tell you where to find one.

Another UK help source is BBC2 on a Wednesday night at about 9 O'Clock.
(Check Radio Times).  There is a new programme called "The Net" and
its all about Internet, networking and how to wear sandals.


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