Searching for cross-eyed stereo software

Mark Israel misrael at grdb.csi.uottawa.ca
Wed Apr 13 20:54:02 EST 1994

In article <Co7KG1.MzI at cc.umontreal.ca>, Michael Coady <coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA> writes:

> I'm passing on a request from a friend, who has a bunch of
> data stored on his PC using some godforsaken software, and he can
> generate views of the objects he has recorded from various angles.
> He would like to generate some cross-eyed stereo figures from the
> data, and thus would like to know what software is available to do
> so. 

   I don't understand the question.  If can *already* "generate
views ... from various angles", then all he has to do is generate 
2 such views rotated from each other by 6 degrees around the y 
axis, paste them side-by-side, and he has his cross-eyed stereo 
figure, right?  What is there left for other software to do?

misrael at csi.uottawa.ca			Mark Israel

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