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Thu Apr 14 11:06:38 EST 1994

Some time ago, I deposited a font for Macintosh computers with the EMBL
software archive.  This font had two components.  Puppy represents
nucleotide sequences as a series of dots in three lines.  Kitty has
characters that have a vague resemblance to amino acid structure and
function.  Puppy is available as a font itself in PUPPY_PS.HQX or
PUPPY_TT.HQX.  Puppy and Kitty are available in combination (lower case
puppy; upper case KITTY) in PUPKIT_PS.HQX and PUPKIT_TT.HQX.  The two file
types are for postscript and true type fonts.

The ftp address of the EMBL archive is: ftp.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

In article <Co4Mvn.57q at news.otago.ac.nz> craigm at sanger.otago.ac.nz (Craig
Marshall) writes:
>I remember some time ago that there was a discussion about using
>colours to indicate amino acid types. As I recall, someone created a
>font with the letters coloured accordingly. Does anyone know where
>this might be found?
>Many thanks
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