Medline to EndNote?!

Patrick Weix weix at netcom.com
Thu Apr 14 17:30:12 EST 1994

nce at rri.sari.ac.uk (Nigel Eastmond) writes:

>Jim Cummins (cummins at AU.EDU.MURDOCH.POSSUM) wrote:

>: Murdoch University               cummins at possum.murdoch.edu.au
>: Murdoch, Western Australia 6015

>: On 5 Aug 1993, Rui Lu wrote

>: > Hi,
>: > 
>: > 	I remember that there were someone on the net saying, that he can
>: > download MedLine files to EndNote?
>: > 
>: > 	Would 'you' please tell me by E-Mail or post to the net? Thanks.
>: > 
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>: > Ray Lu                  |

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>Hi!  Could you American fellows please give the full international Email
>address for LISTSERV?  We in the UK do not always know whether these
>addresses are under EDU or not.

What American fellows? One is a Canadian and the other an Aussie. :)
Although Canadians are most certainly North Americans...

>Also a question:  I used to be able to get MedLine into EndNote using
>EndLink and PreferRefer.  BUT our library changed over to the SPIRS
>software and now nothing will do the port.  And suggestions?

>Nigel C. Eastmond  nce at rri.sari.ac.uk

I don't know what the SPIRS format is, but I wrote a perl script to
change MedLine to BIBTeX, and it is very adaptable. You would just
have to change the flags and the output format. (Your fields are
flagged aren't they? My script is configured to recognize fields by

One more thing: There is a freeware utility for the Mac called
endnotetranslator (it is at umich in util/text) that does the same
thing as EndLink. It is CRIMINAL to charge $90 some odd dollars for a
small utility that converts text format. Get this utility instead.


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