Any information about SPIDER ir SUPRIM pkgs?

Thu Apr 14 10:52:15 EST 1994

Hi netters,

I post this second request for information about 2D->3D
image converting packages with more concrete details:

1. Group need to analyse microscopic molecular complexes
   images (many variants are available which are contours
   of one and the same complex with minor possible differences
   in internal conformations from different random angles
   of view).
2. Scheme of analysis supposed to be (first) multiple images
   scanning, (second) images correction and re-editing (to
   map object of interest inside each individual image),
   (third) reconstruction of 3D shape of molecular complex
   on the base of these images.
3. Group have got references to the packages SPIDER and
   SUPRIM which allow to do similar things on SGI.

Questions are:

1. What is known about this packages features (common information 
   or concrete usage experience)?
2. Where and how to get/buy?
3. Recommendations for any other suitable packages?
4. Recommendations about scanners for such type of work
   (images are gray scale electron microscopic photos,
   framework particles size like 1A, resolution on the
   molecular object of interest like 1-10A)?

Thanks, STR

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