Mac BinHex in Email?

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Thu Apr 14 11:07:12 EST 1994

Dear Bionetters,

Please help me.  I have gone and mentioned the fact that I wrote a little
manual to read gel film in NIH Image.  Consequently I have received about
twenty requests for this manual.  Way back at request No.1 I thought I 
would just Air Mail it but as the requests mounted up I realized that this
was a dumb idea.

Perhaps I could incorporate it into an email message so I read up on how
to do Tilder escapes in the Mail program on our SUN Network system in
order to insert the manual into an email message.  Problem: The manual
contains calibration curves and bits of fancy text formatting that will
not go in like that.  Next step was to archive the file into a Stuffit
Lite self-extracting archive and convert it to uploading format using
BinHex 5.  I attempted to inset this into an email message and all went
well.  I sent it to a friends network partition and then logged on as
him.  I read the message (+ BinHex garbage) and saved it to a file.
I then dragged the file off the network and attempted to Un-BinHex it.

I got a Checksum Error.

I got these errors even when the file contained absoloutly nothing but the
BinHex stuff.

So the question is this:  How the heck do I Email this manual?  I know
its possible because earlier in the day, EMBL in Heidelberg sent me
a whole Macintosh Apllication Program this way and provided you knocked
out the hand-written header it worked fine.  Incidentally, if you did not
knock out this portion you get a checksum error.  So the problem obviously 
lies in the header information.  What am I doing wrong?

Nigel C. Eastmond

nce at rri.sari.ac.uk

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