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Bennett Dyke bdyke at DARWIN.SFBR.ORG
Wed Apr 13 14:18:01 EST 1994

I've not seen a graphics program that has the elegant simplicity of
the original Cricket Graph, but its update, called CA-Cricket Graph
III is now marketed by CA Associates.  It removes many of the old 
restrictions and adds many new features (too many, in my opinion),
while preserving some of the feel of the original.  There are a few
bugs in Version 1.0, but I nonetheless find it much preferable to 
SigmaPlot or DeltaGraph Pro.  So do our secretaries, which counts
for a lot in my view.  Version 1.x is now available, but I haven't
tried it yet.

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On Wed, 13 Apr 1994, Don Gilbert wrote:

> Just my recent observations: we bought deltagraph just this month
> for department here, based on its good recent reviews.  It stinks,
> I don't think anyone here uses Kaliedagraph though we've had it
> for a few years.  Cricket Graph is by far the most popular.  We

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