SYSTAT: Any experience?

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Wed Apr 13 09:09:41 EST 1994

Hu ZhiLiang (hu at EDU.WISC.CALS.CALSHP) wrote:
: >I'm looking for a Macintosh statistics package, and several colleagues
: >have recommended SYSTAT, for around $600.  I would appreciate very much
: >hearing from happy and unhappy users of SYSTAT, and/or references to
: >any reviews.
: >___________________________________
: >William E. Williams, bwilliam at oyster.smcm.edu
: >Divison of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
: >St. Mary's College of Maryland
: >St. Mary's City, MD 20686

:      I would also like to learn something about that.  Besides, how is SYSTAT
:      comparible to MINITAB of PC version in terms of statistical capability or
:      power?  Of course they both are not comparible to SAS of mainframe version
:      --- Is there any Mac statistical packages having capacity towards that
:      direction?
:      I would appreciate any comments on that respect.
: --
:                                         Yours faithfully
:                                         Zhiliang[7m /-//_/_[m

Me too!  We've tried StatView and it is utter rubbish.  It won't allow
a t-test when eiter variable is a real number.  Systat is pricey in th UK
costing around twice the US price so we are thinking about Instat a a cheap
solution.  Any thoughts?

Nigel C. Eastmond

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