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Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
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Thomas Trusk, PhD (ttrusk at edu.mcw.its) wrote:
: In article <bio1.270.0 at navi.up.ac.za> bio1 at navi.up.ac.za (Fourie Joubert) writes:
: >I'm thinking of putting together a Mac system for gel analysis using NIH 
: >Image. Can NIH Image read TIFF or similar files created on a PC scanner?

: >If not, is there a relatively cheap card available for connecting a Mac to 
: >our lab video camera?

: We've had NO trouble getting ANY computer image data, no matter what the 
: source, into NIH Image. Just know the format!

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Look here.  Forget cards.  Forget headers.  This is the route:

Get a TIFF (any old TIFF) from a PC, Sun or a Mac.  Use the shareware
GIF Converter to open it.  I have NEVER come across a sinple image file
that cannot be read by GIF Converter.  Save the file as a PICT.

Launch Image and open the PICT.  Here is you gel in the bottom right corner.

Next load in the Gel plotting Macro's and off you go.  Dead simple.

If you need a Gel-plotting manual, I have written on which I can
send out to you.  Email me though and give your full address.

Nigel C. Eastmond.

nce at uk.ac.sari.rri

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