Questionnair about Windows

Mordhy Alkhalil MA7125A at auvm.american.edu
Wed Apr 13 10:59:53 EST 1994

    Hello ..
  I am doing a study about Windows and Windows' applications.  My study is an
attempt to analyze Windows in regard of its capabilities and efficiency.
 Please help to develop a good analysis by answering the 12 questions below.
Please match each answer with its question.  Also, I'll be glad if you send thi
s questionnair fast as you can.
1.Do you think Windows has a frindly user interface?

2.Do you feel comfortable with DOS or Windows?

3.Do you feel that there is interaction between you and your computer when usin
g  Windows?

4.By using Windows, do you think that you are dealing with just machine, or ins
tead, you are dealing with some thing that interacts with you?

5.Do you think Windows is a useful tool to interacts new computer users?

6.Do you feel that you are talking and communicating with your computer better
by using DOS or Windows?

7.At the first time for you to use Windows, did you find Windows easy or

8.What the main reason that made you using Wimdows over DOS?

9.Do you notice that your mistakes are declining after using Windows?

10.Do you finish your work faster after using Windows?

11.Did you spend a few or many hours learning Windows functions?

12.In the future, do you think DOS will be disappeared as a result of Windows

         .....Again Thank you for helping me to do my study.

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