Contour mapping program?

Mike Smith mikes at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Tue Apr 12 04:55:40 EST 1994

There is a great, free contour mapping program called gmt


     gmtsystem - A generic data processing and  display  software

     The GMT-SYSTEM is a public domain software package that  can
     be  used  to  manipulate  and  display  2-dimensional (e.g.,
     time-series or (x,y)  series)  or  3-dimensional  data  sets
     (e.g.,  (x,y,z) grids).  The processing and display routines
     within the GMT- SYSTEM  are completely general and will han-
     dle  any  (x,y)  or (x,y,z) data as input.  Most of the pro-
     grams will produce some kind of  output,  which  falls  into
     four categories.  Some of the programs may produce more than
     one of these types of output:

     1.   1-D Tables - For example, a (x,y) series  may  be  fil-
          tered  and the filtered values are output.  These files
          are in the ASCII format and can be edited with any text

     2.   2-D grdfiles - Programs that grid data  will  typically
          read  (x,y,z) ASCII tables and create a 2-D equidistant
          table which is stored in a binary file  format.   These
          files  are  called  grd-files and cannot be edited with
          ordinary text editors.

     3.   PostScript  -  The  plotting  programs  all   use   the
          PostScript  page  description language to define plots.
          These commands are stored as  ASCII  text  and  can  be
          edited should you want to customize the plot beyond the
          options available through the programs themselves.

     4.   Reports - Several programs read ASCII tables or  binary
          grd-files  and report statistics and other information.
          Such text is written to the standard error  stream  and
          can therefore be separated from ASCII table output.

You can get it from pub/gmt on kiawe.soest.hawaii.edu (Get all the GMT_*.tar.Z 
files plus the new netcdf.tar.Z).

Mike Smith

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