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Mon Apr 11 21:29:38 EST 1994

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Paul Watson writes:

>Does anyone have any knowledge of a barcode laboratory inventory tracking 
>software from Corbus Inc. called Prolab Plus PC version.  Also do you know 
>of any other software that does the samething?

>Paul Watson
>The University of Texas at Dallas
>Pwatson at utdallas.edu

There will be a new database for tracking oligos, DNA, RNA, etc. on the
Macintosh next month called OligoOrganizer from Pangea Systems and I believe
that it will have barcoding available.

 "It is a client/server application based on 4th Dimension which claims
integration of laboratorywide management of experiments.It combines database
analyses, experiment design, report detailing, labeling, graphing and ordering
of materials into one package."

Since it has not been released I, of course, can not say how good it works but
if you like, I will keep you posted.

Pangea Systems Inc.
(800) 7PA-NGEA
internet pangea at netcom.com

Condie Carmack
GenPharm International
email: ccarmack at genpharm.com

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