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Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Mon Apr 11 11:37:58 EST 1994

hi softies :)

the following is a response I sent to methods-and-reagents yesterday.=
 Thought I share it with this group too.

At 01:06 PM 04/10/94 +0000, Martin Leach wrote:
>Hi netters,
>while surfing the internet I have found a number of interesting WWW pages
>using the program mosaic.
>I think it would be a good thing if other scientists here could post
>interesting WWW hypermedia links also.
[rest deleted}

here is my favorit list, I will also include the html document. You can load=
 that directly w/ Mosaic for the Mac (and maybe with other WWW clients)=
 after you saved it as a text only document.

btw - my favorit link is still http://sailfish.peregrine.com/surf/surf.html =


The URLs are:

ation%20Clearinghouse/Sources/National%20Cancer%20Institute -  National=
 Cancer Institute

http://www.nih.gov/ -  NIH WWW server

gopher://gopher.nih.gov/77/gopherlib/indices/cancernet/index -  Search NIH=
 gopher library for specific topic in cancer research

telnet://nih-library.nih.gov:23/ -  The NIH Library Catalog

http://www.nlm.nih.gov -  The National Library of Medicine WWW server

telnet://locator@locator.nlm.nih.gov:23/ -  The National Library of Medicine=
 Catalog (login as 'locator')

telnet://txcancer.mda.uth.tmc.edu -  Texas Cancer Data Center

telnet:// -  Jackson Laboratory's Genetic Database (login: 'gu=

http://cancer.med.upenn.edu/ -  OnkoLink, a WWW and gopher server oriented=
 to cancer

http://archive.xrt.upenn.edu/0h/buhle/cancer_faq.html -  Frequently asked=
 questions about cancer (FAQ)

http://http2.sils.umich.edu/Public/nirg/nirg1.html -  Neuroscience resources=
 on internet (many links!)</a><p><LI>
gopher://merlot.welch.jhu.edu/11/biogophers -  Medical and Biology Related=
 Gophers (Welchlab-Johns Hopkins)

s/Bio%20Gophers -  Bio Gophers

s/Medical%20and%20Health%20Gophers -  Medical and Health Gophers

gopher://merlot.welch.jhu.edu/11/bioftp -  FTP Sites For Biology

gopher://gopher.nih.gov/11/tun -  Gopher Tunnels (Other Gopher and WAIS=
 Sites, incl. BioSites)

telnet://brs.com -  telnet to MEDLINE

San Diego's local server:
http://gopher.ucsd.edu -  UCSD Infopath

gopher://jeeves.ucsd.edu/11/ -  Dept. of Biology gopher at UCSD

http://salk.edu/ -  The NeuroWeb WWW server at UCSD

telnet://ucsdbkst.ucsd.edu -  The UCSD Bookstore

gopher://salk.edu/11/ -  The Salk Institute Gopher

http://sio.ucsd.edu/ -  The Scripps Institute of Oceanography

http://waynesworld.ucsd.edu/ -  Institute for cooperative research

gopher://gopher.sdsu.edu -  San Diego State University gopher

http://waynesworld.ucsd.edu/ucsd.html -  Additional server

http://golgi.harvard.edu/harvard.html -  The Harvard WWW server

gopher://merlot.gdb.org/11/Database-local/cultures/atcc -  ATCC - The=
 American Type Culture Collection

http://mickey.utmem.edu/front.html -  The portable dictionary of the mouse G=

ftp://ds.internic.net/pub/the-scientist/ -  "The Scientist" On line

   ************* cut here and save the rest as html doc *************

<TITLE>BioSites</TITLE><h2>Some assorted biological and medical Information =
server</h2><UL><li> <a href=3D"gopher://nysernet.org/11/Special%20Collection=
er%20Institute">National Cancer Institute</a><LI> <A HREF=3D "http://www.nih=
.gov/">NIH WWW server</A><li><a href=3D"gopher://gopher.nih.gov/77/gopherlib=
/indices/cancernet/index">Search NIH gopher library for specific topic in=
 cancer research</a><li><a href=3D"telnet://nih-library.nih.gov:23/">The NIH=
 Library Catalog</a><li><a href=3D"http://www.nlm.nih.gov">The National=
 Library of Medicine WWW server</a><li><a href=3D"telnet://locator@locator.n=
lm.nih.gov:23/">The National Library of Medicine Catalog (login as=
 'locator')</a><LI> <A HREF=3D "telnet://txcancer.mda.uth.tmc.edu">Texas=
 Cancer Data Center</A><LI> <A HREF=3D "telnet://">Jackson=
 Laboratory's Genetic Database (login: 'guest')</A><li><a href=3D"http://can=
cer.med.upenn.edu/">OnkoLink, a WWW and gopher server oriented to=
 cancer</a><li><a href=3D"http://archive.xrt.upenn.edu/0h/buhle/cancer_faq.h=
tml">Frequently asked questions about cancer (FAQ)</a><li><a href=3D"http://=
http2.sils.umich.edu/Public/nirg/nirg1.html">Neuroscience resources on=
 internet (many links!)</a><p><LI> <A HREF=3D "gopher://merlot.welch.jhu.edu=
/11/biogophers">Medical and Biology Related Gophers (Welchlab-Johns=
 Hopkins)</A><LI> <A HREF=3D "gopher://itsa.ucsf.edu/11/Bio%20and%20Medical%=
20Gophers%20and%20Info.%20Sites/Bio%20Gophers">Bio Gophers</A><LI> <A HREF=
=3D "gopher://itsa.ucsf.edu/11/Bio%20and%20Medical%20Gophers%20and%20Info.%2=
0Sites/Medical%20and%20Health%20Gophers">Medical and Health Gophers</A><LI>=
 <A HREF=3D "gopher://merlot.welch.jhu.edu/11/bioftp">FTP Sites For=
 Biology</A><LI> <A HREF=3D "gopher://gopher.nih.gov/11/tun">Gopher Tunnels=
 (Other Gopher and WAIS Sites, incl. BioSites)</A><p><li><a href=3D"telnet:/=
/brs.com">telnet to MEDLINE</a><p><h2>Local Server</h2><li><a href=3D"http:/=
/gopher.ucsd.edu">UCSD Infopath</a><li><a href=3D"gopher://jeeves.ucsd.edu/1=
1/">Dept. of Biology gopher at UCSD</a><li><a href=3D"http://salk.edu/">The=
 NeuroWeb WWW server at UCSD</a><li><a href=3D"telnet://ucsdbkst.ucsd.edu">T=
he UCSD Bookstore</a><li><a href=3D"gopher://salk.edu/11/">The Salk=
 Institute Gopher</a><li><a href=3D"http://sio.ucsd.edu/">The Scripps=
 Institute of Oceanography</a><li><a href=3D"http://waynesworld.ucsd.edu/">I=
nstitute for cooperative research</a><LI> <A HREF=3D"gopher://gopher.sdsu.ed=
u">San Diego State University gopher</A><li><a href=3D"http://waynesworld.uc=
sd.edu/ucsd.html">Additional server</a><p><h2>A few beauties:</h2><li><a hre=
f=3D"http://golgi.harvard.edu/harvard.html">The Harvard WWW server</a><LI>=
 <A HREF=3D "gopher://merlot.gdb.org/11/Database-local/cultures/atcc">ATCC -=
 The American Type Culture Collection</A><li><a href=3D"http://mickey.utmem.=
edu/front.html">The portable dictionary of the mouse Genome</a><li><a href=
=3D"ftp://ds.internic.net/pub/the-scientist/">"The Scientist" On line</a></u=

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