Postscript conversion.

Daniel Gautheret gauthere at beagle
Fri Apr 8 12:33:28 EST 1994

andreas at orion.mgen.uni-heidelberg.de (Andreas Helke) writes:

>I do not think that any PC or MAC program exists which can convert back
>an arbitrary postscript file into an editable vector graphic. Some programs
>use a subset of postscript as their native storage format. But they can
>only read their special format and not a normal postscript file. The job
>of recreating a editable vector grafic out of a postscript file is probably
>just too complicated. It would shurely bee a useful feature for any graphics

May be you have missed the message posted by George White
(gwhite at trevnx.bio.dfo.ca) a few days ago.  The next release of
Ghostscript will contain a utility that converts PS files into Adobe
Illustrator files. All texts, lines, curves, etc.  in the original
file become _editable_ by illustrator. If you don't want to wait for
the next Ghostscript release, you can retrieve the individual utility

%        Jason Olszewski (olszewsk at splash.princeton.edu)
% anonymous ftp: toby.princeton.edu /pub/olszewsk/ps2ai.ps
%       URL ftp://toby.princeton.edu/pub/olszewsk

You'll need Ghostscript (Mac or Unix) to use it though. I tried it and
it works.


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