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Andreas Helke andreas at orion.mgen.uni-heidelberg.de
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David Sprogis (dhsprogis at tasc.com) wrote:
: In article <CnJnDr.s7w at mozo.cc.purdue.edu>, pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu says:
: >
: >  What programs exist that (somewhat) intelligently convert a Postscript
: >or EPS file to TIFF or PICT (etc.) so that it can be modified with a 
: >typical graphics program (e.g. MacDraw, Canvas, etc.)?  
: >
: >  By "intelligently" I mean in such a way that text remains text, not 
: >an arbitrary assembly of graphics.
: >  Tscript (Teletypesetting Company, Brookline, MA) can do the EPS to TIFF 
: >or PICT conversion but the resulting file contains one big graphics image 
: >-- no text.  Microsoft Word can convert an EPS file to a lesser extent 
: >in that it can print it okay but displays it only as a large grey 
: >box.  Canvas does essentially the same thing.
: >  
: >  The postscript file comes from the GCG program PRETTYPLOT.  If GCG could 
: >create TIFF or PICT graphics files there wouldn't be a problem -- but GCG 
: >seems to be made to allow output to a printer or printer-formated file 
: >only.
: >
: >Phillip

: Hey Phillip,

: 	In summary, I think you are looking for something which may
: not exist.  Perhaps you should consider using a paint-box which reads
: PostScript files - I think Corel Draw does and more than likely Adobe
: products do - they are respondsible for PostScript.  Good luck in your search.
: I know and like:

I do not think that any PC or MAC program exists which can convert back
an arbitrary postscript file into an editable vector graphic. Some programs
use a subset of postscript as their native storage format. But they can
only read their special format and not a normal postscript file. The job
of recreating a editable vector grafic out of a postscript file is probably
just too complicated. It would shurely bee a useful feature for any graphics


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