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Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics THOMPSON at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU
Fri Apr 8 18:07:49 EST 1994

Hi Bio-Soft'ers -

To throw another question into the ongoing PostScript file format conversion
utility discussion .... My boss was curious, has anybody ever heard of a way to
display PostScript to a Tek 4107 tube (or emulation) off of a VAX/VMS system. 
We are aware that Ghostscript will run on the VAX but, as far as I understand,
requires an X/Motif window for display.  GhostScript additionally can produce a
PICT imagefile; does anybody know of a utility to display that PICT image
within a non-X VAX world?  

We routinely move images of many different formats to the appropriate platform
for display and realize that is the "right way" to do it, but were playing with
ideas for teaching demos within the VAX/Tek emulation constraint of our present
teaching lab.  Previously we have produced demos with GCG Figure and VAX DCL
scripts as well as MacroModel log files, but have recently been experimenting
with more complex images.  Many of these have been produced with
Raster3D/MolScript/etc. and result in PostScript output.  Just wonderin'...

							Thanks - Steve

                              Steven M. Thompson
            Consultant in Molecular Genetics and Sequence Analysis
VADMS (Visualization, Analysis & Design in the Molecular Sciences) Laboratory
           Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1224, USA
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