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Will Fischer wfischer at bio.indiana.edu
Thu Apr 7 15:45:49 EST 1994

David Sprogis (dhsprogis at tasc.com) wrote:
: In article <CnJnDr.s7w at mozo.cc.purdue.edu>, pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu says:
: >
: >  What programs exist that (somewhat) intelligently convert a Postscript
: >or EPS file to TIFF or PICT (etc.) so that it can be modified with a 
: >typical graphics program (e.g. MacDraw, Canvas, etc.)?  
: >
: >  By "intelligently" I mean in such a way that text remains text, not 
: >an arbitrary assembly of graphics.

: 	I guess I don't know what exactly you want, but it sounds like
: you want to convert from PostScript to TIFF in such a way as to be able
: to edit the resulting TIFF - the edit mode you want being one where you
: can select and edit the text (embodied in the TIFF) in the same way you
: might edit text in a word processor.
: 	In summary, I think you are looking for something which may
: not exist.

I doubt this is relevant, but there is a product called "Tailor"
available for NeXTSTEP machines which is alleged to allow editing of
almost any PS files.  Haven't used it myself, but there are demos on the
archive sites.

NeXTSTEP now runs on PCs, and will soon be available for HP and other
machines (check comp.sys.next.advocacy).

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