MEMSAT - Transmembrane Helix Prediction

David Jones jones at bsm.biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 7 17:53:33 EST 1994

MEMSAT - MEMbrane protein Structure And Topology Program

I have been getting quite a few requests for source
code to the above program for which we ask people to
complete a license agreement form. I have therefore
placed a copy of the academic license agreement on
our FTP server. Those wishing for a copy of the
source (which will compile on just about any Unix
platform) should just print out the agreement form
(it's an ASCII file), read it and if you agree with
the terms, sign it and fax it or (air)mail to me
at the address below. Don't forget to give me your
e-mail address so that I can mail you back the source

The file is /pub/MEMSAT/acad_lic.txt on
ftp.biochem.ucl.ac.uk (

Abbreviated version of original posting follows:

I am making the PC implementation of the new membrane protein structure
prediction method described in

Jones,  D.T., Taylor,  W.R. & Thornton,  J.M. (1994)  A Model Recognition
Approach to the  Prediction of All-Helical Membrane Protein Structure and
Topology. Biochemistry (USA) 33:3038-3049.

available by anonymous FTP.

The software is available free if you intend to use the program for purely
academic research or teaching, those wishing to use the program
commercially must contact me for further details. Operators of biosoftware
FTP sites please feel free to make the files available at your own site,
as long as the files are not altered.

To obtain the file (a self-extracting archive) ftp to the address
ftp.biochem.ucl.ac.uk (, username "anonymous", password
"your-email-address", and obtain the files /pub/MEMSAT/README and

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