NORINA database of audiovisuals

Adrian Smith, Adrian Smith Adrian.Smith at veths.no
Thu Apr 7 07:45:37 EST 1994

To members of the Biological Software Discussion Group:

   I would like to draw your attention to a database compiled at the Oslo
Veterinary School, which you may be interested in.   Please feel free to
distribute the following, in whole or in part, wherever you feel
Best wishes, Adrian Smith.

The Laboratory Animal Unit, Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo,
has compiled an English-language database of audiovisuals for use in the
biological sciences.   The compilers are Karina and Adrian Smith, in
collaboration with Richard Fosse, Laboratory Animal Services, University of
Bergen.   The primary purpose of the database is to offer an overview of
possible alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in student
teaching, at all levels from schools to university.   The database consists
at present of around 1300 entries, including computer programs, interactive
video, films and more traditional teaching aids such as slide series, 3-D
models and classroom charts.   There is also a  section for Contact Persons
who are developing and/or using audiovisuals at their institution, and for
suppliers of audiovisuals.   We invite users, developers and suppliers of
audiovisuals to send in details for future upgrades of the database.
   NORINA has been written in Filemaker Pro, originally for Macintosh, but
now also available for IBM Windows.   NORINA is also available as a
"stand-alone" IBM version that will run on any PC with harddisc, with no
additional software.
   Price: US$ 150 (for networks with up to 30 workstations: US$ 750).
   NORINA is a non-profit venture (none of the developers receive any
commission on sales) and income from sales is used purely to offset wage
   A free demonstration floppy disc is available: it will run on a Windows
or Macintosh computer where the program Filemaker Pro is installed.  
Alternatively, a representative sample of 10 entries printed from NORINA
may be ordered free of charge.   Three sample files are available by FTP
from wuarchive.wustl.edu in the directory
\doc\techreports\wustl.edu\compmed\mac; these are the demo version for
machines with Filemaker Pro (norina.bin), a text file with information on
NORINA (norina.txt) and a tab-delimited version of the demo version
Further details from: Professor Adrian Smith, Laboratory Animal Unit,
Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, P.O. Box 8146 Dep., 0033 Oslo 1,
Fax: +47 22 96 45 35.    Phone: +47 22 96 45 74.
email (Internet): adrian.smith at veths.no

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