Fourier transformation

Nick Blom nick at BCH.UMontreal.CA
Tue Apr 5 08:31:58 EST 1994

In his letter Jason Smith wrote :

>        I am working on a dental histology project for which I must create
>the optical diffraction pattern for a series of micrographs of enamel
>microwear.  I have heard of the technique of using a Fourier transform to
>accomplish this.  Does anyone know of any software for an IBM system that
>can do this?
>        Jason Smith
>        University of Pennsylvania

This depends on what you have? I assume your images are all base-2
sized (64*64, 128*128, 256*256, 512*512....). If you have a C, 
Pascal or FORTRAN compiler on your machine the cheapest way is to 
take the algorithm's from Numerical Recipes. You can find those in
any Math, Chemistry or Physics Library.

The next option is to get NIH Images 1.52 from the network. There
are a number of sites where you can get it. Use <Archie> or 
<Veronica> to look for one.

If that doesn't help try the fancy one. Buy a Mac and put Digital
Micrograph on it. Digital Micrograph has been developed specifically
for High Resolution Electron Microscopy images, but its functionality
is also be suitable for other types of miscoscopes. Digital Micrograph
is a product of GATAN R&D in Pleasanton (CA).

Good luck,


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