Mac downloading

Thomas Miller, Dupont, Wilm, DE millertj at esvx17.es.dupont.com
Mon Apr 4 18:48:53 EST 1994

In article <2np8cm$8aa at s.ms.uky.edu>, mpm at seqanal.mi.uky.edu (Mark Mattson) writes:
>Okay, so I've downloaded a self-converting text file to a Mac -- now what?
>I have experience with DOS:  one simply edits the file, renames with an
>EXE or .COM extention, and runs.  But how do you do the equivalent with
>a Mac?  I don't even know how to access the operating system in this
>"user friendly" environment.
>Thanks for any help.
>Steve Barger

*  Is it a BinHex file?

*  Try StuffIt Expander?

*  Did you download it as a Binary or Text?

*  Or could be a corrupt file to begin with?

Just my 2 cents...  Regards, Tom.

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