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ALEJANDRO MUJICA alejo at ciens.ula.ve
Mon Apr 4 17:58:54 EST 1994

Hello everybody,

We are beginers using computer based molecular modelling 
software at the Universidad de Los Andes, in Venezuela for
protein analysis and drugs design.

At the moment we are using Hypercube's (reciently Autodesk's) 
Hyperchem R3 for Windows, and we found it pretty easy_to_use. 
We are using Hyperchem in basic protein modelling and we
would like to go further... Few weeks ago, we get subscribed
to some BIOSCI forums so we would like to know:

1) Is there any expierience among you using Hyperchem in 
homology problems? 

2) Where may I found a list (or lists) of the most popular 
molecular modelling software, their capabilities, dealers, 
prices, ftp sites, etc.

Any information may be useful, thanks in advance.



Alejandro Mujica                 e-mail: alejo at ula.ve
Departamento de Biologia
Facultad de Ciencias 
Universidad de Los Andes          Tel: (58 74) 401284
Merida - Venezuela                Fax: (58 74) 401286 

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