Mac downloading

Mike myirwin at uci.edu
Mon Apr 4 15:22:04 EST 1994

> Yeah, I tried double-clicking, but the finder just tried to open it as
> a text document (using TeachText or something).  Does this mean something's
> wrong with the file?

No, there is nothing wrong with the file. This just means that it is a
generic text file. By default the Mac asks you if you want to open it with
TeachText. But, TeachText is mostly good for brief messages since it has a
32k size limit.

Go into your favorite word processing program (like Word) or another text
editor (like Alpha) and open it from within the program...Open the program.
Select Open from the file menu and navigate through the subsequent menu to
locate and open you file. And jeez, you don't have to rename it or
anything...what kinda primitives do you think we are?

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