PDB CONTENTS -please decipher!

Laura L. Walsh lwalsh at nemo.life.uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 1 22:47:33 EST 1994

bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (Bernard Murray) writes:
>Hello there,
>	Laura Lynn Walsh has done all the work for us and put together an
>annotated listing of all the PDB files.  I believe I collected my copy from
>nemo.life.uiuc.edu but I will have to check this (correction gratefully
>welcomed as I want to collect an updated version).
>	This file is wonderful and saves hunting through all those headers
>individually.  The file is also only about 200 k in size.
>	I hope that this is what you are looking for,
>				Bernard
>Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
>bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

Thanks for the good word.  I really appreciate it.

Yes, I am working on an update.  It should be available soon.
I have finished around 2100 of the files and have only
around 227 to go ;-)  Yes, the January, 1994 release of the
database has around 2327 files.  I am also working on a 
paper about the file, so sometime soon, there may actually
be a more comprehensive description of the file contents
and methodology.  The file is a bit too large now to email 
easily, so try to ftp it if you can.  The new version contains
annotations for all of the lysozyme files as well as all of
the DNA files, plus some extra info about fold classes, which
is, unfortunately, not quite complete, but still may be useful.
Let me know.

A beta release of the file will be put on nemo.life.uiuc.edu
as soon as I can transfer it from a computer which is
temporarily out of commission.

Again, thanks.  Maybe now they will let me get my Ph.D. ;-)
Laura Lynn Walsh  lwalsh at nemo.life.uiuc.edu    
						lwalsh at silibio.ncsa.uiuc.edu 

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